CA State Railroad Museum

All aboard the Choo Choo Train


Most kids seem to go through some phase where they are obsessed with choo choo’s, or trains.  Lucky for us, there is an awesome railroad museum in Old Town Sacramento.  We have been quite a few times in the past year that we have lived here.  We usually try to hit up the museums and indoor activities when the weather isn’t the greatest.  Last winter Sacramento got tons of rain, so we were able to visit quite a few different museums around town.

This museum is fun for all ages.  There is plenty to see, do and explore.  The kiddos love to walk through the trains and learn about how they work and what their history is with them here in the state of California.




Tree Hugging Family

On our way back to Sacramento, we stopped at a small forest of Redwood Trees.  It was awesome!  We pulled off the road a couple times and found some little trails to walk around the Navarro River Redwoods State Park.  The trees were tall and big.

Someday, we will make it up to the actual Redwood Forest and make a weekend trip out of it.  Until then, we will take these smaller parks with pockets of amazing Redwood Trees.  My kiddos packed these masks on our trip and would randomly pull them out for pictures.  It was very fun and entertaining and a little bit scary for my 2 year old…..we still had fun with them.

Point Arena Lighthouse

Always stop to see a lighthouse

While working our way up the coast we stopped at the Point Arena Lighthouse.  I have always been a sucker for seeing lighthouses.  When we lived in the Pacific Northwest, I always felt like we had to stop and see them.  I am glad that I always had that feeling, because there is something special about them.  The way they stand out, over looking the water is incredible!  We walked around the trails near the lighthouse and enjoyed the amazing views.  The kiddos were happy to run around and explore as well.  This was a stop well worth making.

Exploring the Nor Cal Coast

Exploring the coast

On our weekend adventure,  we drove about 90 miles up the coast and made about 6 different stops which included view points, hikes and a lighthouse.  Each stop had great views and scenery.  The hikes were short enough for the kiddos and kept them entertained as well.  We found cool forts, rocks, sea shells, threw the football around and had a great time!

Sunset on the Coast

A sunset to remember

We had a great picnic in the back of our minivan and then walked along the coast as the sun was setting, it was perfect!  The wind was blowing, the air was cool and the views were spectacular.  The kiddos all grabbed their blankets and had them wrapped around them as we walked the trails along the coast as the sun set off in the distance.  As we were walking, Darla lost her first tooth!  Luckily she found it in the dirt and was able to leave it for the tooth fairy once we got back home.

I hope my kiddos will appreciate and remember these simple experiences.  They are so small, yet they mean so much to me as a father and parent.  We sure do live in a beautiful world!

Sonoma Coast State Park Camping

Nor Cal Beach Camping Adventure

A couple weekends ago I took the kiddos on another camping adventure.  We booked a campsite at the Sonoma Coast State Park and it was awesome!  The camp site was large with trees for the kiddos to climb in and there was a grassy field close by where we played soccer and passed the football.  You could hear the wave crashing all night and there was a little trail that took you right down to the water.  It was about an 8-9 minute walk and the views of the coast line were amazing!  We had a great time exploring the campgrounds and the State Park.

Feeling Old

Happy Birthday to you!

My oldest son turned 8 earlier this month and for whatever reason it really made me feel old.  I am a married man, in my mid thirties, with 3 kids, a wife of 9+ years.  I own a home, 2 cars and works 40+ hours per week.  I have always felt like I was keeping up with the world, the growth and other changes that happen, yet seeing my son turn 8 has changed all of that.

I feel like the days, weeks and months are just slipping by too fast.  I want them to slow down so I can have one more bike ride with my kiddos, or one more camping adventure.  I want to take in all of the small moments and really be there for my children and to be involved with their lives and everything that comes along with them.  I want to slow down and enjoy it all, yet my personality is go GO GO!  I am sure I will find a happy medium somewhere along the way.

We had a couple celebrations for him that included donuts, ice cream cake along with steak and salmon.  All of his favorites.  Happy Birthday Mr. T!  I am so proud of you and love being your father.